Bibliometrie - Praxis und Forschung 2016-12-19T14:14:47+00:00 Gernot Deinzer Open Journal Systems <p><strong>(Erste deutsche) Zeitschrift für Bibliometrie</strong></p><p>Bibliometrie - Praxis und Forschung ist die erste deutsche Online-Fachzeitschrift zu bibliometrischen Verfahren. Neben aktuellen Forschungsthemen sollen auch Methoden und Anwendungen veröffentlicht werden.</p> Data policies in journals under scrutiny: their strength, scope and impact 2016-12-19T14:14:47+00:00 Benedikt Blahous Juan Gorraiz Christian Gumpenberger Oliver Lehner Ursula Ulrych <p>Journal data policies are a potentially strong incentive for researchers to make research data available. Therefore, information about these policies is desirable. This article presents an analysis of 346 journal data policies based on a 534 cross-disciplinary journal sample with a focus on how journal publishers expect authors to make research data available. Furthermore, it includes an analysis of features such as thematic scope, user costs and hosting organisations of 171 repositories with an entry in the Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index.</p> 2016-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2016 Benedikt Blahous, Juan Gorraiz, Christian Gumpenberger, Oliver Lehner, Ursula Ulrych